Working with Kim has spoiled us forever

“How to best describe Kim Childs and her gig? She runs what she calls a full service real estate company. We agree.
When we set out to sell our home we needed a realtor. We had lived in the neighborhood a while and were familiar with the popular agents in the area. We decided to get in touch with Kim – she was the agent from whom we had bought our home, we would recruit her to sell. Easy. We absolutely loved our home and street and wanted to place it in the hands of somebody who would care, for whom it would be more personal. Best decision ever.
Researching the qualities of a good realtor throws up words like personable, knowledgeable, organized (with attention to detail), connected, tenacious, aggressive yet polite, hard working, honest. Kim was all of these but she was also our professional home stager and official hand holder. We had left our home in her able hands and she and her superb team took care of everything from start to finish. Seamlessly.
Working with Kim has spoiled us forever. Now that we are in the market to buy another home in a different state, we are forever making comparisons in our heads whilst meeting realtors. I’m sure we will eventually find the right person but in our hearts wish she was here to help us all over again. Kim, we miss you. You’re a star.”

— Mitu and Varun